Something Wicked is a monthly online and electronic-download science fiction and horror magazine.

Something Wicked was founded in 2006 as a print magazine and ran for ten issues before moving to online in May of 2011.

We publish science fiction and horror fiction from around the world and have featured several award-winning authors Abigail Godsell, Ivor Hartmann, Nick Wood, Arthur C Clarke Award winner Lauren Beukes and we have the distinct honour of being the first publication to have published Sarah Lotz (half of Lily Herne and SL Grey).

In the last seven years we have published over one-hundred stories by seventy-odd authors from every corner of the world, from Australia, to the UK, the US to South Africa, to Japan, Poland and Hong Kong.

Something Wicked is still the only paying short genre-fiction market in South Africa with readers from all over the globe.

Our monthly publication schedule consists of three pieces of short fiction and one novella, along with a smattering of non-fiction articles. All content is available free-to-read and posted weekly from the first Tuesday of every month. E-book editions and editorials are available from the 1st of each month.

The Something Wicked website garners between 80, 000 to over 100,000 hits per month, with an average of 7000 page views and 2500 unique visitors.

Click here to download our Rate Card.


Rates for online monthly advertising placements are as follows, though we can offer hefty discounts for indies and self-published titles just ask us about it:

Top, Left Sidebar

box ad, 300 x 250/300: $200 (ZAR1400)

Middle, Left Sidebar

option 1: tower ad, 300 x 600: $200 (ZAR1400)

option 2: box ad 300 x 250/300: $150 (ZAR1050)

Bottom, Center Footer

box ad, 300 x 250/300: $120 (ZAR850)

Top Banner

banner ad, 460 x 60: $95 (ZAR700)

banner ad large: 505 x 100: $95 (ZAR700)

Placement: All ads appear on the Something Wicked homepage and on all subpages.

Duration: Rates shown are monthly. Discounts are available for multiple and long-term orders.

File Formats: GIF, JPG,

Size Limit: 55kb (give or take)

Frequency: Something Wicked publishes monthly ebook issues, with all of the ebook content being released weekly online for free.

Closing Dates: Five days before the 1st of the month you want to advertise in.

Contact: sales [at] somethingwicked [dot] co [dot] za (Sales & Advertising)


Although our budget doesn’t always allow for us to produce a podcast monthly, we do get enormous amounts of downloads from several different podcast servers (including iTunes).

There is no time limit on this advertisement option as podcast’s remain freely available forever, though, obviously, the bulk of their downloads is in the month of release. As such podcasts provide an excellent platform for advertising ongoing product ranges rather than individual products.

Podcast sponsorship is $450 (ZAR3500). We’ll feature your company’s name at the front and end of the podcast “eg YOUR COMPANY NAME presents today’s podcast” with up to 20 seconds of copy, and again at the tail end with a single sentence tagline, (“today’s podcast was brought to you by YOUR COMPANY NAME”).

Podcast are professionally produced in a recording studio and your intro and copy is read by Joe Vaz, who is a professional voice-over artist (

Due to the lengthy process of booking talent and studio time, the closing date for Podcast Sponsorship is the 1st day of the month preceding the month you want to advertise in, i.e. if you wish to sponsor April’s podcast we need to receive your order and copy by the 1st of March.

Disclaimer: All advertising is accepted subject to publisher’s approval. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising which he feels is not in keeping with Something Wicked’‘s standards. Advertiser and advertising agency assume liability for all content of advertisements printed, and also assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom against the publisher.

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