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Hungry Whispers E-mail
by David De Beer Illustrated by Kobus Faber

Originally printed in Something Wicked Issue #5 and illustrated by Kobus Faber
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Read an excerpt:

  Mia crumpled the note in her hand and managed a weak smile for her daughter.
  “Morning, baby, you sleep okay?” Mia turned around, taking care to hide the note beneath a magazine and busied herself with Stacy’s toast.
  Stacy yawned, rubbing her eyes and taking a seat at the small kitchen table. “Morning, mama. I couldn’t sleep last night.”
  “Oh?” Mia only half-listened, spreading butter and jam on the toast. “Too excited about going back to school?”
  Stacy scrunched her nose, bringing a smile to Mia’s face.
  “Eat up now,” she said, putting her daughter’s breakfast down in front of her and getting herself a coffee. Stacy didn’t wait for a second invite.
  “Is daddy coming back today?” Stacy asked, around a mouthful of toast and a slurp of orange juice. Mia took a slow sip from her mug, using that as an excuse not to reply instantly.
  She wished she could just blurt out the truth. Your daddy is in New York, getting a blowjob from the guy who was best man at our wedding.
  It struck her as being an unethical thing to do, so instead she said: “No, sweetheart, he’s very busy with his new job.,” Sshe nearly giggled at the unintended meaning of her words. “He’ll come by next week.”

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