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She Wrote By Night E-mail
By Domenico Pisanti
Domenico Pisanti Was born in 1973 and can always be found not too far from a cup of espresso. Whether at home or at one of Johannesburg's finest cafes, coffee is just one of his passions.. His day job is working on TV script writing for a local children's show.
His real job - the night job - is trawling his imagination for Story Oysters, he hopes one day to find a Pearl.

He has been inspired and helped along the way by the likes of Stephen King, Clive Barker, Ruth Rendell, John Connolly and JK Rowling, to name but a few. He is happily married with no children.
extract from She Wrote By Night 
Upon nightfall the sky opened, and all the stars above her shone down like raw ideas awaiting her pen.
Nora loved to write at night. Her entire life had been about writing. The fact that she was lonely – a loneliness that had slowly been growing in the centre of her like a deep blue cancer – never crossed her mind. If it had, she would have realised that her only friend was the Father at the rectory.
Technically there were other people she spoke to: the green grocer, the lady chemist, and the local postman. In her quiet little village it was impossible not to talk to someone at least once a day. But these were people who saw the face she put on. Not her real face. No one saw that face – which was filled with joy as she looked to the stars, and wrote about other lives and adventures.
To Nora, the day was a waste of time. Too much bustle. It cast a bright light over the mundane thing that was her life. So she’d sleep in. Only Sunday mornings she’d go to listen to one of Father McPherson’s sermons. And even then she would not hear much. His droning voice wafted over the empty church like a daydream, and Nora would find herself off on some childish adventure.

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