by Joe Vaz

Many, many years ago Brandon Auret and I spent most of our days studying drama at Pretoria University of Technology, and most of our nights either rehearsing for plays, performing them or playing guitar and singing covers in bars and restaurants all over Pretoria, sometimes getting paid in pizzas and beer. Hey, what else did we need?

Issue 19 (Mar 2012)
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interview by Joe Vaz & Vianne Venter

DANNY TREJO HAS ONE of the most iconic faces in movies today, yet very few people know his name. Ask anyone if they’ve ever heard of him and most people will say no, then show them a picture and watch the recognition bloom across their face.
For nearly three decades Danny Trejo has been playing every type of convict or bad guy under the sun but thanks to Robert Rodriguez’s casting of him as a Mexican “Q”, who provides all the gadgets and toys to the heroes, in his Spy Kids movies, Danny Trejo’s popularity has evolved beyond “bad guy to have in your film”, to “fun guy to have in your film”.

From Issue 16 (Dec 2011)
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interview by Joe Vaz

I think what the international thing does is it breaks it open to the mainstream and suddenly you get the people who weren't paying attention. It kind of breaks through... I guess they have cultural barricades up, and I think a lot of that, unfortunately, is against South African stuff, you know.

Cover Art by Vincent Sammy From Issue 12 (August 2011)
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interview by Joe Vaz

We didn't really know each other, we're completely different people. So we thought we'd do a zombie versus vampire book. And then [Louis] took me to this mall and I was just so scared, it was horrible, I had a panic attack, and we thought fuck the zombies and the vampires, lets set it in a shopping mall.

Cover Art by 

Vincent Sammy From Issue 11 (July 2011)
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by Abi Godsell

The doctor is small and grey-haired. He talks rapidly and jumps between subjects. It's hard to believe that this abrupt little man headed up the team that implanted the world's most advanced artificial intelligence into the body of a brain-dead teenager.

My editor is going to have a field day.

"It worked out well though. Her parents had given up, they were looking for a reason to pull the plug. Donating the body to science must have seemed easier.".

Cover Art by Vincent Sammy From Issue 11 (July 2011)
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