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Something Wicked #14 (October2011)

Something Wicked Magazine October 2011 (Issue #14).

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Our Oct 2011 issue is once again packed with original fiction starting with our cover story which will be available from 4th of October, beautifully illustrated by Hendrik Gericke, “The Treasons”, by A.A. Garrison which is about a father and son road trip across a desolate land.

Our novelette for this month is “Jiang Shi”, by William Mitchell, in which an opium trader deals with constant chronic pain by sampling his goods, until he finds another source of relief, and that will be online from 11th of October.

On the 18th of October we have “The Watcher in The Corner”, a poignant story about a being who watches a family, silently, from its corner of the ceiling.

And we close of this issue on the 25th of October with a reprint by Davin Ireland entitled “Engaging the Idrl” and is about a group of soldiers securing a foreign planet.

Our feature interview, this month, (published on the 18th) is with Joan De La Haye.

As usual, if you just can’t wait to sink in to Issue 14 you can download your copy right now for only $1.66 (about R12) by getting a subscription right here. Our subscription PDF’s are printable too.

Thanks for reading, and remember – if you’re fan, please consider getting a subscription for yourself or a friend, or simply tell everyone you know about us, we really need and truly appreciate your support.

Remember you can follow us on Twitter @Somethin_Wicked for some daily mindless garbage interspersed with profound glimpses into the inner workings of my brain.

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